Design your own flower arrangement


Another flower arrangement. Same flower-field, different day, different mood (and a bit more time available this time round..) – purple ageratum,  straw flowers (Xerochrysum bracteatum) and a lovely variegated Euphorbia (Euphorbia Marginata) come together to make this lovely arrangement, the base is a wicker basket, which I find always goes really well with this garden-style, or farmer-style flower arrangement. Once again a cost-effective, creative and satisfying way to express your appreciation of a friend, or yourself! It’s very simple to make your own flower arrangements, if you want some tips, and ideas, then read my other post here on how to make a floral centrepiece. 

6 thoughts on “Design your own flower arrangement

    • Hi Aletta, thanks very much for commenting, it was a happy, sunny, cheerful arrangement. Always best to decide to give them away before you make them or you end up keeping them..

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