Create your own flower arrangement 3

celebration-bouquet-3celebration-bouquetI promise it’s so easy. Above you can see the flowers I picked on Sunday, it was a nice cool day, so the flowers were really fresh, currently it seems all I am doing is putting together flower arrangement centerpieces.  The one above was made for a 51st wedding anniversary. If you  want to design your own fall garden-style flower arrangement and would like some tips on making your own flower arrangement then have a look at  this post – how do design your own flower arrangement.

Ideally go outside and pick your own flowers. Pick a nice container and get started. I used dahlias, euphorbia marginata, Scabiosa a member of the honeysuckle family (Caprifoliaceae) of flowering plants, and more dahlias. I also added in two sunflower seed-heads, to represent the bountiful shared experiences   51 years of marriage bring to a couple. It always impresses me to when couples have been together so long,  through good and bad times, trials and tribulations to still stand side by side as they enter their mature years.




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