Fountain Challenge # 38 – Typical Swiss fountains – the Amazon fountain Zürich

zu%cc%88rich-fountain-1If you have been reading the posts on fountains for any length of time you will know that typical Swiss fountains are of the functional persuasion. Last week’s post explained how many of the fountains that were placed in Basel city to provide water for the human and animal population pre-plumbing era were removed and replaced by smaller fountains with Basilisks on them. In Zürich similarly fountains were primarily functional in nature. The fountain above, the Amazon Fountain, is one of the oldest in the city.    It has been in use since around 1430 providing fresh spring water to the thirsty population of the city. As statues and the pedestals are the most fragile parts of a fountain and frequently get damaged or replaced throughout the years, it is possible that the first statue on this fountain was not an Amazon beauty but another figure altogether. Old city plans however show that the fountain has been crowned by a stone figure since 1570. There are more than 1200 fountains in Zürich, and all of them provide potable water. The fountain above, for googleview of the area go here.


Last week saw submissions by TGeriatrix – with a fountain from her childhood,   Chava submits a beautiful stone fountain from NYC, Jude has a MUST SEE fountain – on her site – reminding us that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and is often only apparent after engaging with a subject, topic, person, fountain. And Kaz submits a typical fountain from Australia – another must see!

Thanks guys and look forward to this weeks typical submissions (or how you fit the non-typical into the challenge topic) – we continue to be creative that way, which is great!

It’s easy to take part, check out the instructions:

I shall post a fountain each Friday. You are invited to join in by posting one or more of your own fountains within the month that fit into the theme and either add a link (ping-back) in your post to mine or link to it in a comment on my post. Add the TagFountain Series‘.

You don’t have to post on a Friday.  Any day in the month will do. If you have loads of pictures that fit into a theme, feel free to post several times during the month or create a gallery or whatever works best for you. While I’ve never run a challenge,  I am following Jude’s capable lead and letting myself be inspired by her categories,  so I am feeling hopeful that this will work out🙂. Themes for November:

  • November: A fountain typical for your country, region. Could be a fountain you can top your drinking water bottle up at, a fountain or water source with a flag, with the crest of your city on it etc.

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