Fountain Challenge # 41 – December whatever fountains!


Another week, another fountain. Just back from Berlin. Lot’s happening. I say that every week don’t I ? However, I have torn myself away from watching patisserie chefs competing with each other on TV under the eagle eyes of French, Singaporean and UK judges to write this post (don’t judge me, we all need our guilty pleasures :))

Here is a “whatever” fountain. Despite the fact that I was the one who set these challenges, I admit, to having struggled through some of them. And so like Kaz I am now totally willing to embrace the “whatever” fountain, by submitting a classic Swiss fountain again. You also get the classic Swiss November weather. I believe that November is the best month to go somewhere sunny and warm if you live in Switzerland, New Zealand perhaps, not warm, but sunny. Or Australia? Or anywhere….

I ended up in Berlin… The weather sunny, the skies blue, the temperature 2°C and bone-chillingly freezing. All good, but the hotel I was staying in, was one of those big, concrete, conference hotels, with little to no personality situated smack in the middle of Neukölln, which is apparently not a good place to be (loads of drugs). TGeriatrix inspired me to visit Charlottenburg, I had it all planned out, was planning to snap some super fountains there and visit the Xmas market. However, I was free on Monday, and Monday, Monday most museums and castles and the like are apparently  closed in Germany.


A close up, isn’t the colour of the water gorgeous?


Almost like a Tudor rose:


I haven’t honoured my fellow posters this week nor last week, bear with me, I will get to it later in the day or tomorrow! Be seeing you all later!


12 thoughts on “Fountain Challenge # 41 – December whatever fountains!

  1. Lovely clean and clear water! I would expect nothing less from the Swiss 😀
    I have another Swiss fountain for you this week Poli – in much more cheerful times:

    I understand about the confernece hotels – I have accompanied the OH to several conferences and nearly always the hotels are impersonal and out of the way somewhat, meaning I have to faff around using public transport as walking is not an option. Still I did manage to get to Geneva 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend!
    Jude xx

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