Fountain Challenge # 42 – December whatever fountains! Pandan, Yuzu and the Great British Bake-Off


Another whatever fountain this one from Switzerland again. I am not sure why the young man is wrestling the piggy (is it a piggy?) it’s possibly a quintessential farm scene, I do not know. What I do know is it’s December, the Christmas festivities are soon to be upon us and till then there is still a lot to do. I also know, that thanks to my Vegetarian Kitchen Goddess and all round sensible woman Elain from food-Bod I have watched all seasons of the Great British Bake Off starting with 2016 and going backwards to 2011, or was it 2010? There is nothing more therapeutic than watching GBBO in between frantic bouts of work and hacking at the computer key-board, than the GBBO. Well, country walks, yoga and meditation aside, I guess. Since watching the GBBO and GBBO Creme de La Creme, I have acquired cake pop cake mould (and have produced cake pops covered in white chocolate and gold dust), large silicone half circle moulds, in which I made a nice mango mousse, bought pandan  flavouring and yuzu juice and generally spent substantial amounts of time in the baking section of the local food markets, as well as the KADEWE in Berlin (they don’t stock Yuzu, surprinsingly). I am now the happy owner of gold and bronze glitter powder for decorating, and also a pearly pink. On the other side of food heaven I have  taken to experimenting with shirataki noodles, which frankly, I think are very yummy. Especially so if you buy the fresh ones from the fridge section of your local supermarket, they don’t smell odd at all, they absorb all flavours from your spicy sauces, and I love the texture too.

I have of course also been photographing fountains. Quite a few in Berlin, switched off for the winter season, they do understand winter in Berlin, bone-chillingly freezing, some in other places and soon, (when you read this, I will already be there) I will be over in lovely London eating my first mince pie of the season, stocking up on PG tips and seeing if I can find some more fountains, beyond the ones I already have. I seem to remember there is a nice one on Trafalgar square. Anyhoooo – this post is whatever fountains, and the topics, fittingly are all over the place. Below the full fountain:


This month is whatever fountains, loyal fountain submitters TGeriatrix submitted a big fish and a hat ; HeyJude loves her Swiss fountains and also Scottish fountains, as well as downright lovely fountains. Aletta, finally joining us again, has a great fountain for us: , like this one with  wolf (really truly, well probably) Chava, well travelled as she is, submits a lovely simple fountain and its’ big brother  and we are joined by a newcomer, who submitted, so-called Dingsbums Fountains – Whatever 🙂 – titled, intriguingly Wismarer Dingsbums Fountain and Princess Diana et voila!

If you want to join in, it couldnt be easier, snap a photo of a fountain, and this is where it gets to be fun ANY fountain, upload, post link to this post and VOILA!

Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Happy weekend all, I will think of you as I munch on perfect Dimsum in Soho :).

18 thoughts on “Fountain Challenge # 42 – December whatever fountains! Pandan, Yuzu and the Great British Bake-Off

    • I love that – a faun, the devil or Pan, great. His horns – genagt vom Zahn der Zeit? As Jude says, the sculpture is pretty indistinct, maybe he lost them. He may also be a butcher, but I have not been able to find out what the sculpture is about yet, may need to give it another go later this week. Happy Tuesday Poli

    • Hi there, lovely time in London, some interesting fountains, missed Kew gardens sadly, but did see Leighton house, highly recommend it if you haven’t been, it’s a beautiful place. Also V and A, and the odd whisky bar, but not a single mince pie, sadly….nor scone…Ah well. Pleasure trip this time and I do love London for pleasure, I am not sure I’d enjoy it for work, so very very congested…The fountain, yes, I guess it’s sandstone and the contours got lost, I will check when it is from and why…Happy tuesday POli

      • Not been to Leighton House, I shall look it up. Despite living near to London for 7 years I hardly ever went in except for meetings for work!! I hate the congestion, but I should have at least got to see all the museums and galleries!! Oh, well…

      • HeyJude I lived close to Washington DC for almost 3 years, made it to the zoo a lot and to the rest of DC not so much, didn’t see the Capitol or anything else, just worked. It’s the way of the world, you always visit museums when on holiday and not in your home city…ah well Poli

    • Shirataki are Japanese noodles made from the konjac yam. The word “shirataki” means “white waterfall”. They are 4% yam and 96% water, have a texture that is a bit between regular noodle and young coconut flesh, the best way I can describe it, and the noodle itself is not very flavourful, everyone fixates on this, but frankly, most noodles and pasta by themselves are not super exciting. I don’t like foods that masquerade as other foods, however, these noodles are traditional and not pretending to be anything. They also happen to be zero carb and almost zero kcal and high fiber. I like the way they work in traditional chinese dishes, such as Dan Dan noodles or Ants climbing a tree etc.They are also lovely in soups.I like the mouthfeel and slipperiness of them. If you buy the Japanese version they are not refrigerated and smell a bit funny, you need to rinse them and boil for 2-3 minutes before eating. If you buy the refrigerated Thai noodle version then they do not smell of anything, I still rinse and boil first, but you probably don’t need to. They taste fine as is. And I vastly prefer them over the Japanese version that i have been able to buy so far. 🙂 I will at some point post on these noodles, but perhaps later in the year! Poli

      • Yes the zero or probably to be honest low carb aspect is a plus 🙂 – and they are about 4 kcal per 100g if you care about that type of thing. – high in water soluble fiber..:)

  1. Having read up on it – the sculpture was made by Jakob Probst an architect and sculptor – title: Faun and Animal Faun. Not sure I can tell that the figure is a faun – half human–half goat – cannot see any horns on either figure, but there you have it…

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