Fountain Challenge # 43 – please note – due to building works and gingerbread


houses no twinkly lights and significant fountain post delays. Please stay tuned for updates, please do post your own fountain already, if you are ready!

Update at 6pm Swiss time. You know that feeling when you start your day with a quick apology post, like I did mine, which read simply: please note, due to building works, significant fountain post delays. You have finally slogged your way through grocery shopping and lunch in France, work, more work, and a bit more work, and are about to embrace the concept of Friday evening merriment and relaxation when it hits you – you didn’t write your weekly post!

Why is it that in this pre-christmas period, when by rights, I feel I should be enjoying mulled wine and twinkly lights, I am instead frantically running in my little work hamster wheel trying to get stuff done? And why is it, that it is the same almost every year?

Anyhow, it hit me as I contemplated adding some flour to my leaven for tomorrow’s sourdough that I need to post a post. The reason for the delay, apart from France, lunch and work? Well recent trips to Berlin (work)  – a highlight included visiting the food section of the Kaufhaus des Westens, and another trip to London (pleasure) – a highlight, among many, included the gingerbread houses designed by renowned architects, photo above. However,  finally late into Friday here, Saturday in some parts of the world already and early Friday morning in some other parts (thankfully), I bring you a fountain:


Of course, while in London, I had a lovely time. No hamster wheel in London :).

Highlights were  ferry rides, at night, decadent lunch in a lovely hotel, Indian and Chinese meals and a visit to Boisdale, Canary Wharf to view (and in some cases sample) their whisky selection.

So the above fountain can be found at Canary Wharf. It’s like a transplanted American city – Canary wharf. All glass and marble and manicured lawns, there are also many smokers outside, more than you might see in the US, other than that, has a very US feel to it.

This months fountain challenge is: whatever fountains. Please consider joining in!


2 thoughts on “Fountain Challenge # 43 – please note – due to building works and gingerbread

  1. Ooh, love the gingerbread houses! And I hope that by now you are chilling out on the sofa with glass of wine or whisky in hand, shoes off and very relaxed. You do DO relaxed don’t you?? 😀

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