Epiphany – -6°C and snow – impressions


allschwil-1trees-allschwil-1trees-allschwilA New Year, a New You? I don’t know about that, I do know, that today was a day of coffee in bed, my favourite galette des trois rois ( a beautiful French cake made with puff pastry and filled with frangipane or almonds)* and a present.  A day of flowers and friendship and amazingly of smiles in shops and restaurants and even free salmon cuttings from the chef at the sushi restaurant, which he gave me for the cats, instead of throwing the cuttings out. It was an international day, starting with Italian coffee, imported by me, French pastry, Sashimi for lunch,  tea brought back from the UK for tea with an Italian Cannolo (mini-cannolo) and then for dinner Tagine at the Moroccan restaurant across the border in France. I saw a friend for lunch, (she spent most of it purple in the face from laughing too hard (which made me feel like a great entertainer :)) and my family and I generally had a fabulous day. The sun the sky and the cold snowy weather provided the perfect backdrop.

All in all it was a a day that was absolutely perfect.

So wonderful it deserved to be captured.

Oh and I even heard the Foodbod sing, she has a lovely voice. 


*Traditionally made to celebrate epiphany. There is a small figure of a king inside, whoever gets the king, is allowed to wear a little paper crown all day, which reminds me, where did I put that crown? The cake I bought, to my utter disgust, had a crown stamped with star wars imperial forces images and the cake “bean” was a star-ship fighter plane, considering this is a cake made for epiphany, I was very unimpressed. But I should have paid more attention in the shop, I suppose.


18 thoughts on “Epiphany – -6°C and snow – impressions

    • Hi Ester, yes cold but loving it. Usually where I live the winter is grey and depressing, the sky is grey, the ground is grey and it is all reflected back at the world a thousand-fold in the faces and moods of the people who live here. This January, the weather is proper mountain winter weather, even though we are in the lowlands. The sun is amazing, the sky so blue, that automatically moods are lifted :)! Cold but wonderful. And not humid either, which is great. Cold and humid is horrible. Although I guess below 0 it’s hard to have humid air.

    • Thanks Anatoli! I have some really beautiful shots of Moscow in the winter, Novo Dievichy Monastery, I remember your wife prepared a finely diced russian salad for Christmas, which you were not allowed to make because you get the dice wrong, so not sure where exactly you hail from originally, but Russia general vicinity seems like a good guess 🙂 although possibly not Moscow :)! Happy Saturday Poli

    • Hi Bev – oh yes – 6°C yesterday and -13°C happening soon. Maybe you were out later, but it’s been -6 today as well, at least on my balcony and will be getting colder tonight. Happy New Year to you too, Poli

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