Fountain Challenge 47 – January fountains – frozen

snowman-fountain-1I love this one-eyed snow-man, to me he looks like an oars-man, ready to get on his boat to sail on the icy fountain. It is snowing again. Tiny, shy, snowflakes, speckling the air, the ground is that wintery ochre green, of moss and dried out grass, but perhaps, soon, it will be covered in another blanket of snow. I hope so.


Here is the fountain. Frozen, perhaps not solid, but it certainly seems that way.


Last weeks submissions were from Marie, at the 3Rs of retirement, amazing sculptures on that fountain, true works of art, the indomitable Jude, for once, didn’t have a fountain, surprisingly, however, TGeriatrix  submitted a defunct fountain. Of note, the German word for fountain and well is the same = Brunnen. While a well is called a Ziehbrunnen, i.e. a “pull-fountain”. I guess as the initial reason for fountains was to provide water to the villages and cities inhabitants it makes sense that the word is the same. And Kaz brings us Fiji in a fountain. And doesn’t recommend Fiji as a holiday destination. And Chava posted a poor frozen cherub in NY. 

Another 2 weeks to go, submit your defunct fountains here, if you need encouragement here is another one:


7 thoughts on “Fountain Challenge 47 – January fountains – frozen

  1. To be fair, I don’t recommend Fiji because of its family vacation reputation. It’s the sort of place my younger colleagues say they’ll get around to visiting when they have children. The outlying, non-touristy islands that I visited while sailing were lovely and varied, and the people very friendly.
    Anyway, back to fountains! Here’s my defunct fountain for this week:

    And your cute little snowman looks related to one of mine:

  2. Oh what an excellent snowman, clever you, how did you manage to put him into a comment! You are smart. He is very lovely, looks like he has rose petal buttons and love the hat!

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