Fountain Challenge 54: End of the fountain challenge – January defunct fountains


Dear blogging  and fountain friends, above is my last submission for the fountain challenge – naughty Adam and Eve in a tree, there is a bottle of wine poking out from the foliage somewhere, and overall it could be a fun fountain, but it reminds me of some of TGeriatrix Czech fountains, in that it feels “dark” for want of a better word. Or perhaps it was just the weather….



It it has been a year since the fountain challenge started, or almost. The first fountains were posted in February 2016 and a small group of us including Aletta, TGeriatrix, Jude, Chava, Kaz and the 3Rs of retirement have regularly posted fountains on various topics over the months, including

  • February and March: Fountains in gardens
  • April: Urban fountains
  • May: Fountains with animals or people on or in them!
  • June: Unusual details on fountains/unusual fountains
  • July:  Stone fountains, or fountains made of  other special materials
  • August: Artistic fountains  – could be colour, could be anything that catches your fancy
  • September: Fun fountains – fountains that made you smile
  • October: Stately, fancy fountains – think Versailles
  • November: A fountain typical for your country, region. Could be a fountain you can top your drinking water bottle up at, a fountain or water source with a flag, with the crest of your city on it etc.
  • December: Whatever you would like
  • January: old fountains, defunct fountains, repurposed fountains or fountains asleep under a blanket of snow

We also some had some guest appearances from a number of bloggers, I remember a fountain at a science museum, a fountain in India and a broken fountain in a pond. Arkenaten also joined in, with a fountain in a defunct pond, and a girl skipping near a fountain, if memory serves me well, which I wouldn’t count on, but the link I tried sadly, appears now like the fountain to be defunct. I plan to do a fountain retrospective at some point in the next weeks showcasing some of my favourite fountains. If you have any submissions for January’s still ongoing “defunct fountain” challenge, please do post them and link to this post. It’s been a great pleasure travelling the world with you. Thank you Poli

7 thoughts on “Fountain Challenge 54: End of the fountain challenge – January defunct fountains

    • Dear TGeriatrix – thank you so much, it’s been such fun hosting it, we did remain a very small group of fountain aficionados though, thanks so much for sharing your fountains, over the next weeks I am going to be posting some random fountains I found while going through my photos, please do feel free to share if you have any you find that you want to link through.
      Happy blogging Poli

  1. Thanks so much for hosting this challenge. I enjoyed it so much. And you selected great themes each month. It made me look at fountains in a new way.

    • Dear Marie – thank you so much for taking part – I am very glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. It also made me look at fountains a different way, I used to just take note as I walked past, and only of the particularly pretty ones, reading up on the ones I found, especially the old ones made me think more about how people used to live, what the challenges were and why the fountains are shaped a certain way. I still have some fountains left, I am going to post them in February, as I cleared up my photo collection I discovered them 🙂 – a wonderful month to you Poli

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