Wild garlic and ricotta pasta

Ingredients: good quality non-egg pasta fusilli, rotini or radiatori shapes work well, fresh Allium ursinum leaves, and fresh ricotta (not salata)

Allium ursinum grows wild all over Europe. In early spring  get thee to a forest and forage for Allium ursinum – also known as wild or bear’s garlic. You may also find this at a farmers market, depending on where you live. Pick young leaves, which will be more tender and pick them before the plants start to flower.  While you are at it pick some forest flowers if there are any out. When you get home put the flowers in the vase in your kitchen, they will bring some spring brightness into your house.

Wash the wild garlic thoroughly and dry. Using scissors cut off the stalks and cut leaves into slices lengthways, discarding the leaf stem.

Cook pasta according to package insert and drain – toss with ricotta, allium leaves and add salt and freshly grated black pepper, sparingly so as not to destroy the delicate balance of flavours, to serve.

Where does allium ursinum grow?

What does allium ursinum look like?

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