Fountain Challenge 49 – January fountains in hibernation


The fountain photograph above was, however, taken on a recent trip to Berlin, when despite work I managed to make it to the famous Kaufhaus Des Westens (KaDeWe), which you can see in the background. There is an exceptional delicatessen on the top floor and whenever I am in Berlin, which admittedly is not often, I try to make it there. On my last trip I was on a quest for Yuzu juice, which funnily enough I wasn’t able to find in the Harrods food-hall, perhaps I was looking in the wrong place, nor in Berlin, but I did find it in a shop around the corner from where I live. Sometimes my local shops surprise me!


One year  into the fountain challenge I have discovered an old back-up disk with many a fountain on it, so for this months grand finale, I will post a number of them!

For last weeks fountains Aletta submitted, a stone fountain in a lovely park, Kaz took us to Bolivia,  and TGeriatrix has a whole collection of fountains from Karlsruhe.

This is the last month of fountains, if you have one you’d like to share, then please do go ahead and link it. I’d love to see it. I will be writing a round-up of the fountain posts in the next couple of weeks. Ideally I’d like to pull some of the photos I loved best together into a couple of posts. I will see how I go about it.

Thanks so much for joining in! It’s been a fun year meeting you all virtually and traveling the globe with you.


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