The sun sets golden on the Persian Gulf

IMG_9213It’s a time for contemplation, on endings and new beginnings, on the past, the present and the future, on the cyclical nature of all life and it’s unpredictability. This is mirrored outside my window, where at last there is a breath of spring is in the air and it looks as though we’ve escaped the clutches of a weak-willed winter. It certainly feels that way. It’s time to plant primroses, and daffodils, to revel in the purple, lowly crocus and keep a lookout for the snowdrop, and to prepare for spring pastels.  However, we have had a very warm winter, and so it seems more likely,  that the temperatures will plummet to zero,  freezing  the budding shoots, the pale tinged blossom buds and early spring blossoms eternally in time.

8 thoughts on “The sun sets golden on the Persian Gulf

  1. dear fig and quince, I love it that you always stop by and comment, and really appreciate your reading my texts too 🙂 spring is just around the corner – have you got your goldfish and hyazinths and other s’s ready for the 20th of March yet? 🙂 hyazinth is another one of those beautiful spring flowers

    • lapetitpaniere – I appreciate your comment – I didn’t know it was called a dhow – this would mean that for those of you who know boats you’d be able to place the image – so say if I’d written sunset in Sweden you would have told me off. Have a lovely day

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