Ever feel unloved? Take heart.

Tullinger Hügel CollageYou feel like nobody loves you, the sky is grey, your mood bleak and your spirit weary?  A weekend walk in the countryside and a break on this loving bench will soon set you to rights.


It’s August bench challenge time – and this month our eyes are open for colourful benches, benches with personality, benches that have that extra something. Luckily I have been manically snapping away every time I see a bench and I literally love this one photographed in nearby Germany on the Tüllinger hill see also this post. A short drive across the border and you are in a different world.

18 thoughts on “Ever feel unloved? Take heart.

  1. If I were clever enough to know how to insert photos with my comment I would send you a picture of Larry sitting on a bench at the Vanderbilt Estate overlooking the Hudson River– so lush and green. It might even be worthy of your bench parade Poli!

  2. Now that is a unique bench, never seen one with hearts before! What is the meaning of all those rock piles/cairns raised above the ground like that?

    • Hi Jude – wow – a unique bench, one you haven’t seen before, I am just a teensy bit proud of myself for finding it! I have no idea what the meaning is, it seemed to me to be someones place of meditation, peace, but it’s just by the path as you walk by so I have no idea at all, I googled rock cairn (remembering the ones I saw in Mongolia) and came across this article http://escholarship.org/uc/item/99h4b4q7 – amazing how other scientists spend their time and how little of the world I have seen although I have been trying to see as much as I can!

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