A bench to rest my weary limbs..December bench challenge Liguria


Benches in Camogli, Liguria

Something about December makes me feel tired – maybe it’s the sending out Christmas cards (handwritten with an ink pen and with personal texts for the recipients. My Xmas cards are the one letter I send in the mail per year and so I don’t hold with buying pre-written ones and just adding my name and XOX – I feel the same way about doing that as I do about calling boxed brownies home-made, just doesn’t seem as though one is making enough of an effort..). So beyond Xmas prep, and making cakes to give the neighbours, and wrapping up the budget, decorating the house, baking Xmas cookies from scratch and trying to tie up projects all at the same time,I might just also be tired because it is  dark outside when I get up and dark again  by 5pm. Whatever the reason, I just want to sit down with a book and a pot of tea (and some carrot sticks, and fennel bulbs, yes I am kidding,  I would prefer mince pies, but as a great band once sang ” you can’t always get what you want) and procrastinate for many hours (for the test on whether or not you are a professional procrastinator – click here). This is the last month of Jude’s bench challenge for this year at least, and she generously said, post any bench you’d like. During a recent trip to Liguria I snapped benches I came across -the one below in a park in Camogli:


A long and winding row of benches on the hillside above Camogli – with a view of the ocean just down below.IMG_1366IMG_1363


And benches in the stunning Hanbury botanical gardens – an awe-inspiring spot in Liguria – a must-visit if you are in the area, or can easily fly down there. The range of plants is fantastic, initially landscaped to the specifications of the noble English family Hanbury, the English have a talent for gardening unrivaled by any other nation,  I believe. The gardens now belong to Genova university and on my visit in December the citrus trees were hung low with fruit, sages of all different types were in full bloom and the air was fragrant with blossom. I will definitely go back.

Below bench with black bamboo behind it.


Looking over at its partner bench…


Abundantly blossoming sage plants…


16 thoughts on “A bench to rest my weary limbs..December bench challenge Liguria

  1. Thank you for sharing a whole bunch of benches – I like the ones built into the walls, they are always so useful on a walk. I know what you mean about feeling tired, though you are awfully busy compared to me. I just find the short, gloomy days drain me of energy at this time of year. Thank goodness the winter solstice has been and gone and we can start looking forward to a bit more light every day. Have a good festive time and a happy, peaceful New Year xx

    • Dear Jude – my pleasure – probably all very busy – I just talk about it more! I agree the long dark days are difficult – luckily the sun is shining now though which really helps. wishing you all the best for the end of the year and wonderful start to 2016 XX

    • I know – I figured if I was going to do it I’d do it properly – actually it’s fun, you don’t really usually register benches, but once you start you notice where they are placed and what they are facing and it adds something to a walk!

      • I know– I collected photos of doors when we lived in Spain– just a fun pretty collection– for free! And it makes you stop and look as you go… Merry Christmas dear Poli!

      • Oh there are beautiful doors in Spain, what a lovely story, maybe you should post them one day. Sadly I have been a bad blogging neighbour and not stopped by recently. Sorry. I send you all my best wishes for a wonderful Christmas though Poli

    • OH I love you – you just made me giggle – yes I know I am like a dog with a bone….which is why I have just written a nice blog post instead finishing up my projects. I have however sent out electronic Christmas cards to the majority of my contacts (with a graphic designer designed e-card…) instead of handwritten, so that is progress – yes?

      • Huge progress. Me, I unpacked everything in the new apartment. Still working off and on. Baking xmas cake (ja this late) and now going out to buy a gammon to prepare and do xmas shopping(again this late). Will I ever,ever learn…. And then how to relax. How to do nothing. I need to figure that out still. I was particularly neat when I baked the cake this time, unlike the normal bomb effect I leave in the kitchen and in so doing forgot the nuts and dates for the cake…. Too neat me thinks. Need the temporary mayhem me thinks. Cannot cope when I have time it seems….stupid! Enjoy your break and hope you rest. Xx

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