The golden egg – Caelis – Barcelona

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  • While I post fountain on fountain, from Zurich to London, I also have the great pleasure to experience great cuisines in those cities. I’ve spent the last week in Barcelona and enjoyed clement weather, inspired architecture, fantastic art collections and of course some great food. Recently dinner at Caelis, tasting menu with a flight of wines. Good but the French rugby championships were on that night and you could tell the Michelin starred chef wasn’t in the kitchen ( the waitstaff later confirmed this suspicion of mine). The egg however was beautiful – a golden sphere of sugar encasing mascarpone and rasperries and peach in a sort of mousse – served under a cloche in a nitrogen cloud. Wow!

13 thoughts on “The golden egg – Caelis – Barcelona

    • Hi Rhonda – ah the tasting menu, I will need to go back and think my way through it, got back 2am monday and have been in a meeting since 8am Monday (yes I am no longer very dynamic…) and Barcelona seems a long time ago. Luckily I have decided I am now taking time off!!! So I will write then :)!

      • Well, hope you have a restorative time off Poli!! Are you kicking back at home? taking off for Italy? Hiking?? I’ll find out with your next few posts! Happy weekend ahead… xo

      • Hi Rhonda – πŸ™‚ I am looking at piles of post, dried rose heads on the balcony and chores, and a LOT of sleep….so I will be hanging out at home fixing stuff! Things slide when you are not home….I anticipate that as I am now taking some time off I may do some more hiking though! Happy Saturday Poli

      • Oh gosh– I know what you mean– I finished school a couple weeks ago and my first goal has been to clean out every drawer and cupboard in this house– restore a little order. And sleep, that’s always lovely too!! Happy restoration week! xox

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