Fountain challenge #29.1 -September : fountains that made you smile: God’s fountain


This is a tough challenge – when I thought about fountains that made you smile, I was thinking Nikki de St Phalle in Paris, or Tinguely, artistic fun fountains but I used all of mine way back with the peeing men and now for the life of me I have not the foggiest idea where the photos I took in Paris, when I lived there as a student, might have gotten too. They were analog anyway, back then all photos were taken with my trusted Nikon F – 301 so when and if I find the pictures they will be analog, on the other hand, that means they must still exist somewhere, for the digital shots I’ve taken the last 15 years I am not so sure. So for today I am going to start with one fountain, that I have titled God’s fountain, because it is only a fountain when it rains. This made me marvel really, because it is placed in the middle of a sand pit, with no discernible function at all, is there a reason to keep the sand wet? There is no other water nearby so you cannot play pirates etc. with the water trickle. There is no source of water that I can see. But there is a big knob at the top that would help the rain drops collect and dribble into the spout. This is the type of thing that makes me smile at the thought that we can afford to build whimsical objects that serve no purpose at I imagine, perhaps not significant, but still some cost. I have one that made me smile more, but that needs photoshopping :). Which is why today’s fountain is titled 29.1. Your fountain links will be uploaded later!!

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