Fountain Challenge # 43 – Canary Wharf fountain at night

canary wharf fountain.jpg

It was pretty enough that it deserved it’s own post!

Last weeks submissions are many – Jude posted a very odd sculpture of Hercules and the Lion – you look at it and try to find ways of making what you are seeing acceptable, but you cannot come up with anything. Try it and let me know what you make of it! Aletta at  Nowathome shares a duck and a fountain, great shots, 

I love TGeriatrix positively accessible fountain in contrast to Judes – it made me smile and made me think it would be a fitting tribute to the the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz.

Chava’s last fountain I think, was this one from Denver, last weeks one which I cannot find, and an additional fountain from NYC which I missed, but which is really nice! Sorry Chava, cannot see the link under last weeks post. I’ve checked twice, must be having problems finding it due to spending so much time in the hamster wheel!

Here is a reminder on how to take part:

You don’t have to post on a Friday.  Any day in the month will do. If you have loads of pictures that fit into a theme, feel free to post several times during the month or create a gallery or whatever works best for you. While I’ve never run a challenge,  I am following Jude’s capable lead and letting myself be inspired by her categories,  so I am feeling hopeful that this will work out🙂.


  • December: Whatever you would like
  • January: old fountains, defunct fountains, repurposed fountains or fountains asleep under a blanket of snow

I look forward to seeing where your fountains take me….

18 thoughts on “Fountain Challenge # 43 – Canary Wharf fountain at night

    • It was lovely – cold and bright and despite being in the city it felt very much like Christmas – great atmosphere – and it’s nice that you can see “feel” the chill from the photo!

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